Monday, June 30, 2014

Got a little sidetracked last week. I wrote most days but not on Wednesday because of errands in Tulsa. (No CVS in our little town of Bartlesville - but one is coming soon, thank goodness...)

Still, I finished up the week with a halfway presentable 3953. Not the 1K/day I want, but not bad considering I skipped Wednesday.

Romance novels have to have LOVE in them, and so I was working on kissing today... I'm not sure how it went. But then, I often don't know how it is until I go back and reread the next day.

Now I'm about to venture out into the blazing heat of Oklahoma (I know how that will go - HOT) to pick up produce at my favorite fruit stand, V & G's in Dewey. I guess you could call it my reward for this morning's success.

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