Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Does popcorn make you more creative?? I'm not sure, but I do know I've got the snackies this morning. I had a bit of a slow start which means I did all the things (and some additional things as well...) I usually do after I write - pay bills, answer email, check out the fog rolling in over the fields, place an order (new ink cartridges), talk on the phone, wander around the house, think about signing up for Audible.com, check out the fog again which is much less now and makes me feel like the sun will be out soon, etc.

Yesterday I bought one of those antennas which supposedly allow you to pick up digital signals for free over the air. I did not install it, even though as I passed through the living room, I did look at it and think about it. 

But I finally got serious and I'm now at nearly 600 words and in a good scene which means I can definitely get to 1,000 words today.

That calls for a treat, right?

Nope. I've got to stay here until I hit 24,459 words. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Week!

I have been remiss with blogging, and I promise to do better. Last week was a steller occasion as I logged in over 5500 words. It was the most ever for one week. I also learned that although it's best to start writing right away in the morning, I can also do other things, get motivated and still crank out 800 words before lunch.

But today, I'm a slow starter. This is mainly because I have a slew of errands to run and since I live 10-18 miles from the nearest town/grocery store, I am preoccupied. I can't decide if I should write first or run the errands. Since I'm at the computer typing this - maybe writing has won?

The other thing on my mind is that I want to send another 50+ pages to my agent so she can see where the story is going. And since I'm obsessive about it being right, that means I have to review/edit which may mean no real word count today - or maybe not. 

I have to say again and again that I just LOVE this new genre of romantic fiction. It is so much fun to spend time with these zany characters I've created - to explore their hopes and dreams and to watch them change and grow.

I've been reading a new romance author, Robyn Carr. I just got a Kindle for Christmas (mainly because the closest library is 10-18 miles...) and although I will ALWAYS prefer paper books I can hold, I can see the benefit of a Kindle. Easier to read in bed, for example. Great on trips so I'm not lugging numerous books. I stumbled onto Robin because her books were available on the ebooks site of my library. (Another bug-a-boo with the Kindle is that there are so FEW bestsellers available - and yes, I know, I should buy books. As a writer, I should especially buy books, but.)

I had previously read Debbie Macomber and Sherryl Woods, both of whom I like a lot and both are excellent in creating towns and characters. But Robyn's work is especially interesting since she is writing about Northern California where I am currently living and that's fun.

The other wonderful thing that happened last week is that I found out about a local writers' group I may be able to join. That support is so critical especially since life on this dairy farm is very FAR from anyone...

Are you sitting at your computer writing?? If not, go to it!