Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Okay. I'm back. I've been busy doing all sorts of things like moving from Alaska to California, flying from the WC to the EC, and sending my son off to college <big gulp>. For those of you who have never done that, it is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I did not expect the empty nest to be so, well, empty. Consequently, I've done what any other writer would do under the same circumstances: I developed a charcter who is sending her only child off to college, too. Trust me, it helps.

Most days, I have been working hard on my new novel, a romance set on Cape Cod. Some days, it goes well. Other days, not so good. Today was a good day. I only got 376 words done, but I also added and subtracted a lot, so that number could be higher. The important thing - again - is I wrote. The alternative would have been to clean off my desk or unpack some of those items which are still in boxes... Oh, and I also made chili. (It's very good.)

I also spent way too much time updating my website which still needs much work, but at least the Home page is current: http://www.barbaralarmonfailing.com